Class III - Super Pulsed - Class IIIb..They all say they are better than Class IV therapeutic laser. Your patient's results will answer that question. Class IV laser gets results quicker, easier and with less treatment time...Class IV therapeutic laser has no comparison! Super Pulsed lasers are still only cold lasers with limited power, limited depth of penetration and a high price tag !
Class III - Super Pulsed - Class IIIb..They all say they are better than Class IV therapeutic laser.  Your patient's results will answerthat question.  Class IV laser gets results quicker, easier and withless treatment time...Class IV therapeutic laser has no comparison! Super Pulsed lasers are still only cold lasers with limited power, limited depth of penetration and a high price tag !


Accuflex Tables recognizes that different conditions may respond better to different treatment, and that is why the Accu Wave Acoustic Wave Therapy machine was introduced.  


Never before has an acoustive wave machine of this quality been introduced at such an affordable price, and never before has acoustic wave therapy been so easy to learn and implement into your clinic protocols.

Acoustic wave therapy is a highly advanced and effective non invasive treatment method used to treat a myriad of physical conditions.


This proprietary technology is based on an unique set of pressure waves that stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and accelerates the healing process.  Damaged tissue gradually regenerates and eventually heals.  This non invasive treatment procedure represents a breakthrough treatment option for a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions.

The benefits of acoustic wave therapy is often realized after only three to five treatments.  However, more chronic conditions can take longer.  Many patients have reported decreased pain after the first treatment although it can take longer depending on the problem and patient.


Acoustic wave therapy helps to eliminate pain, restore range of motion, and promote healing.

The Accu Wave is not only the best priced acoustic wave machine on the market, but absolutely one of the easiest to use.  


All you do is turn it on, press the preset for the condition, and tap up or down the pulses per second and joules of energy delivered.  You and your staff can be treating with the Accu Wave in literally minutes.


With a fantastic touch screen display, everything is supplied to get started.  PLUS, the Accu Wave has all treatment controls in the handle which adds convenience and saves you time during treatment.


The doctors using the Accu Wave have found that this is a fantastic treatment for plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, extremely tight muscles and especially soft tissue injuries.


They have also found that combining The Accu Wave with any of our Class IV Accu Lasers produces one of the most accelerated treatment regiments you can offer.  Buy the Accu Wave and any of the Accu Lasers, and receive a sizeable discount.


The Accu Wave is priced at only $4,495.00 complete with all accessories.

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