Class III - Super Pulsed - Class IIIb..They all say they are better than Class IV therapeutic laser. Your patient's results will answer that question. Class IV laser gets results quicker, easier and with less treatment time...Class IV therapeutic laser has no comparison! Super Pulsed lasers are still only cold lasers with limited power, limited depth of penetration and a high price tag !
Class III - Super Pulsed - Class IIIb..They all say they are better than Class IV therapeutic laser.  Your patient's results will answerthat question.  Class IV laser gets results quicker, easier and withless treatment time...Class IV therapeutic laser has no comparison! Super Pulsed lasers are still only cold lasers with limited power, limited depth of penetration and a high price tag !

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q.  How can you build and sell a 30w powered Class IV lasers for basically tens of thousands less than other companies charge.


A.  We have searched for a capable manufacturer with excellent engineers.  We also source parts from companies with a great reputation.  Finally, we just don't make the profit on our laser that other companies do.  We would rather pass that savings onto the doctor or therapist.  Believe us, a $20,000 plus more expensive laser has NO better treatment capabilities than does the MEDRAY


Q.  Do your lasers do what the more expensive lasers do?


A.  In a word, absolutely!    Most clinics have their support staff run the laser therapies.  The ACCU LASER 2.0 is an exceptional laser for doctors who want to introduc laser therapy into their practice at an affordable price.  


Q.  How do I order?


A.  You can call Accuflex at 573-745-1086, or email us at or fax the order to us at 573-355-5440.  There are no options, no extra, no anything else to buy, everything is included.  We just need your name, address, phone, and method of payment.  This is the easiest ordering process available.  Normal delivery time due to the custom nature of manufacturing is only about 3 weeks.


Q.  Is there a warranty?


A.  Yes, one year parts and labor.  If you have a problem, just call or email us and we will take care of it immediately.


Q.  What about training?


A.  We  are now giving for FREE, a complete video training course with certification.  This is a $350 value.  You can also learn to program and treat from the manual we send.  As we mentioned, these are probably the easiest FDA cleared lasers on the market.  Any clinic can be doing Class IV laser therapy in under five minutes.  Plus, we offer up to two hours of phone consultation to walk you through every conceivable question you may have and get you and your staff using your new ACCU LASER 2.0 quickly.


You will also benefit highly from our brand new marketing kit.  This is a fantastic FREE tool to help you get more patients into your clinic for Class IV laser therapy on your new ACCU LASER 2.0. 


Q.  I run a large clinic and need several lasers, is there a better price on multiple units?


A.  Yes there is.  Just call or email with the

quantity needed and we will give you an excellent quote.  We also manufacture chiropractic tables and equipment. Visit us at   We can give a laser discount with table purchae.


Q.  What kind of results are you seeing?


A.  In our clinic, patients with a 10 year history of back problems are getting relief after just a couple of visits.  Our specialty, plantar fasciitis has done remarkably well with our treatment protocols.  


Q.  Are there any other items included?


A.  As mentioned, you will receive up to two hours of phone consultation.  This can be done in the morning, evening, after work, or even on the weekends.  We are here for you ANYTIME.  Not just 9 - 5.


You will also receive Dr. Huddleston article "How to Encorporate A Laser Pain Clinic Into Your Existing Practice".  Doctor Huddleston's practice was nearly 1/2 laser pain only with no chiropractic, adjustments, or other treatments.  His therapists do all of the treatment and they get paid $35 per laser session in a small town.  Plus, treatment times are just a few minutes.


It's not how much you spend, but how you spend wisely.  At $4,995.00 there is no Class IV laser that can compare to the ACCU LASER 2.0 in this price range..



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